Financial and Banking Law

At Lexincorp we make use of our professional’s experience, which shape this firm at a regional level, in order to provide and continue developing highly professional practice in the domain of banking and finance. Our privileged position as a regional firm allows us to combine our local experience and to work as a team throughout Central America, in order to offer our clients the multinational consulting they require. That is why we are ready to provide our clients with specialized legal advice, ranging from the establishment of local financial and banking institutions, advice on mergers and acquisitions of established banking and financial institutions, to the support regarding the development of contracts these institutions require for their normal functioning, such as loans, formalization of guarantees and disputes that are sometimes necessary to recover the part of the portfolio that is overdue.

In addition, we take the increasing complexity and sophistication of the financial market into account, which makes our team being widely versed in the systems of the financing of capital markets on an international level, having participated as legal counsels of issuers in the process of securitization, structuring of syndicated loans with complex guarantees and the constitution of trusts, both local and foreign, restructuring and debt management, issuing of legal opinions, registration of guarantees, refinancing. In this way, we are able to help our clients from the negotiation process until the formalization of the financing structures and from any point of view of the negotiation, either as debtors, creditors or structurers.

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