Allison Velásquez

Colonia Lomas del Guijarro Sur, Calle Roma, Avenida Berlín, Casa #3 Tegucigalpa, Honduras frente a portón principal Escuela Americana de Tegucigalpa
+504 2263-5902 / 2263-5903

Experiencie: Allison started out her professional practice in the building of the new tax administration in Honduras, where she was part of the Presidencial Commission for the Tax Administration team, a government entity created to establish an improved Tax Administration. Within her responsibilities he participated in coercive debt collection, legal counsel and, her most important role, the drafting of the Honduran Tax Code. When she finished her job as Presidencial Commissioner for the Tax Administration, she began working in the Rent Administration Service, where she held a post in the National Jurisdictional Directory. In the new Tax Administration, she was a trainer at the national level, was part of the Procedural Reengineering team of CIAT, participated in the Valuation Committee for National and International Public Offerings and represented Honduras at the IMF in the creation of a new model of Coercive Debt Collection. All of this experience is now at the service of her clients, who she counsels in their tax planning, be it for local and/or international companies. She also defends our clients against tax readjustments, and any other tax related litigation.

 In addition to her professional tax law practice, she also has ample experience in Banking and Finance, having been part of the legal team at Grupo Lafise, where she was in charge of legal risk evaluation on the loans given out by the bank, giving legal opinions and training the team in tax matters.

Within Lexincorp, Allison not only counsels our clients in tax and financial matters, she is also the in-house tax trainer for the rest of our team.

Education:  Bachelor in Legal and Social Sciences, graduated from Universidad Católica de Honduras

Master in Business Law from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana

Master in Banking Law and Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Law graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Post-graduate degree in Tax Law and Banking Operations from Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros

Languages:  Spanish and English

Professional Associations:  Bar Association Honduras.