Leslie Henry

9a Avenida 14-78 Zona 10 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
+502 2246-3000
Practices Areas:

Experience: Leslie Henry Ayau has extensive experience in Electrical Regulation, Financial Integration of Electric Power Generation Projects, Development of Renewable Energy Projects and Carbon Credit Generation Projects, Regulation of the Electric Wholesale Market and the Central American Regional Electricity Market. She has worked in the area of electrical energy for more than ten years, starting with the translation of the General Electricity Law and its Regulations and the Regulation of the wholesale market, into the English language, in addition to having formed part of the legal department of the National Electrical Energy Commission for several years, carrying out activities in both the regulated market and the wholesale market, including administrative and judicial activities, also in constitutional matters.

In addition, she has advised various entities interested in the development of projects regarding the generation of renewable energy on both technical, regulatory, financial and energy efficiency issues and in participating in the negotiation of works contracts, PPA’s and participation. As a consultant she has provided services to national and foreign entities in electricity regulation matters, generation and electrification in rural areas, generation and use of carbon credits and wholesale market transactions. She has participated as an advisor in several thesis works related to electric power issues in Guatemala.

Education: Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences, Attorney and Notary at the University Rafael Landìvar;

Master’s degree in American and Comparative Law with a specialization in International Business and Energy Law at the University of Denver, Colorado, USA;

Scholar of CEDDET in Regulation of the Electricity Sector and in Management of Renewable Energies at the University Pontificia de Comillas and of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in Spain.

In addition she has participated in several courses and graduate programs taught by different national and international institutions, especially in the areas of Regional Markets, Economy of the Regulation of Activity Generation and Wholesale Market, such as Distribution for Regulated Users, as well as in subjects on Tariffs and Quality of the Final Distribution Service.

Professional Associations: Bar Association of Guatemala, Network of Iberoamerican Energy Experts and Renewable Energy Experts from the CEDDET.

Relevant Cases:

Leslie Henry Ayau has represented several companies, which start operations in the field of energy in Guatemala. She for example advised Tuncaj, S.A. in the establishment of the largest solar energy park in the country, advising them on contracts for equipment acquisition, obtaining permits at the central and municipal government level, as well as advising on contracts regarding loans related to the project.

Additionally, she advised Xolhuits, S.A. in establishing a hydroelectric plant in Guatemala, reviewing the contracts, obtaining the permits, negotiating the acquisition of goods necessary for the operation, municipal and governmental permits, as well as negotiating the terms of the credit for them to be related to the energy flow, in order to ensure that there would be no delay in the payment of the credits.

Currently, she advises several clients in administrative appeals filed against resolutions of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, against the interests of clients, having advised marketers, generators and large consumers before the Ministry of Energy and Mines in various administrative litigations.