Digital Nomads Law Enters Into Force

Today, Wednesday September 1st, Law No. 10008, “Law to Attract Workers and Remote Providers of International Services”, better known as the “Digital Nomads Law”, was published in Official Gazette, under the article No. 168, through which the new subcategory of stay called “Worker or Remote Service Provider” is created, within the migratory category of non-resident, applicable to foreigners who, by means of telecommunication, perform remunerated work for a natural person or legal entity located outside the country.

The beneficiaries of the new subcategory will enjoy benefits such as: total exemption from income tax and on tariffs for the importation of equipment, instruments, tools or computers, telecommunications or similar means, required for the provision of their services. They will also be able to travel inside the country using their foreign driver’s license and open bank accounts in the national banking system.

Article 25 of the Law establishes that, as of its entry into force, the Executive Branch has two months to issue regulations to regulate elements of the law, such as, for example, requirements for granting immigration status to the applicant’s family, among others.

We will inform you as soon as the regulation is published. Any questions regarding the above you can contact us at the email

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