Intellectual Property Day is celebrated every year. This year we celebrate Intellectual Property and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

When it comes to a new business categorized as small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), it is important to question whether the necessary investment has been made to protect its Intellectual Property.

Some of the most important activities of a SME, such as its promotion and marketing, are carried out through external signs, such as trademarks, logos and other elements of Intellectual Property that constitute intangible assets that must be protected. These assets allow the company to gain market recognition, increase sales, and generate consumer loyalty.

Trademark protection takes on significant value overtime, which often outweighs the value in records. This will increase your asset and reduce the indebtedness rate.

If a SME is looking for investors, having relevant and properly registered trademarks is a great draw for those who can contribute capital. Trademark protection then becomes a very valuable asset for the company.

The registration and protection of trademarks, whether at the personal or business level, allow direct protection, not only of the goods or services protected by it, but also of recognition at the commercial and business level.

The relationship between intellectual property and SMEs is undeniable. Without the protection at the level of distinctive signs (trademarks, slogans, patents, trade names) the company may lose value and stop receiving significant income obtained from these intangible assets.

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