Business benefits of having a registered trademark

Trademarks are distinctive signs that allow us to differentiate goods or services in the market. They grant distinctiveness, recognition, positioning and are placed in the mind of the consumer at the time of choosing a particular good or service.

But, moreover, they give those goods or services an added value in the market. Want to know why?

a. Allows you to position yourself in the market.

b. Gets recognition from the consumer audience.

c. If your brand is already positioned, protected and recognized, it allows you to use it for other new goods or services, extending the scope of your company.

d. Trademarks are movable goods that can be mobile guarantees for bank loans.

e. Attracts national and international investments, as trademarks registration adds value to the goods or services protected by it.

At the market level, it has also been determined that the higher the real value of the brand is (which in many cases exceeds the recorded value), the higher its asset will be and therefore reduce the indebtedness rate.

And finally, the market value of the brand is measured by the perception of product quality and the connection that the brand creates in the market with its customers, (loyalty, fidelity and adherence to the brand).

In summary, the protection, registration and positioning of trademarks allows the company to generate not only recognition in the market, but also the ability to invest and safeguard the rights protected by it.

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